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Bay & Lime Soap
Bay & Lime Soap Fragranced with Bay and Lime Essential Oils. Made with Bentonite Clay..

Frankincense & Orange Spice Soap
Frankincense & Orange Spice Soap A rich smokey scent with spiced orange undertones. Ap..

Lemon Spritzer Soap
Lemon Spritzer Soap Scented with fresh Lemongrass and May Chang essential oils. ..

Machair Flower Soap
Machair Flower Soap Scented with sweet geranium, sharp palmarosa and a touch of lavender and be..

Marsh Orchid Soap
    Marsh Orchid Soap Scented with a rich floral perfume. Approx size 7cm x 5cm (..

Rhubarb Crush Soap
Rhubarb Crush Soap Fragranced with a tart rhubarb scent, with a hint of orange. Appro..

Rose Leodhais Soap
Rose Leodhais Soap  Scented with Rose fragrance oil with additional rose petals an..