Pewter Quaichs SECONDS

Pewter Quaichs SECONDS
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**SECONDS - Please note these items may have minor damage, such as: small scratches or marks, small dents or may not be perfectly circular around the outside rim (slightly mishapen), however these all come as complete items (no missing stones, cracks, breakages), and will not be damaged beyond use. You agree to purchase the item 'as is' and we will NOT accept returns of these items.**

**ALL Supplied Fully Boxed, with no wooden stand - Metal Quaich Only!**

The Quaich (from the Gaelic "cuach" - cup) is the traditional Scots' drinking vessel for whisky; its distinctive style of shallow bowl and shapely "lugs" dating from medieval times.  The inside of the bowl is inscribed with two traditional Gaelic toasts: "Slainte Mhath"- your very good health and "Sguab as e" - polish it off. 

3.5" (9cm) Diameter bowl. Polished Pewter Quaich. No display plinth included.